Series 24

For functional and decorative lighting of mini-parks, parks, boulevards, squares, embankments, building facades.  


  • Lighting fixture is distinguished by its individual modern design  
  • Lighting fixture is simple and convenient in installation and maintenance  
  • The design ensures an easy access to starting and control devices  
  • High level of optical block protection ensures preset lighting characteristics during the whole period of operation.   


Lighting fixture body and cover are manufactured of silumin by pressure die casting and covered with powder enamel.

  • Reflector is manufactured of rolled aluminium stock by deep drawing with further electrochemical polishing and anodizing
  • Silicate thermal-resistant, shock-resistant glass
  • Starting and control devices and socket are installed under the cover of the lighting fixture cover
  • Panel is disconnected from the body using WAGO screws and clamps.
  • Socket holder is equipped with silicon sealing gasket which ensures protection level IP 65
  • Lamp is replaced from the side of starting and control compartment
  • All the elements of lighting fixture fastening and mounting are manufactured of stainless steel