Series 15 Aleksandrovsky Garden


For functional and decorative lighting of mini-parks, parks, boulevards, squares, embankments, building facades.  


Combination of classic historical design and state-of-the-art technical concept


  • Lighting fixture is manufactured in two versions:
    STU – Samsung LED module is installed as light source                                ZhTU – optical block with gas discharge sodium lamp is installed as light source                                 
  • Body and cover of the lighting fixture are manufactured of steel sheets 4 mm thick, galvanized and coated with two layers of powder enamel
  • Starting and control devices and socket are installed on the diaphragm of the optical block
  • Tempered shock-resistant silicate glass Stalinit is used as a protective glass; it can be white, matted, mirrored, transparent
  • Lighting fixture is maintained without dismantling of the lighting fixture from the pole