Series 30N

Lighting of streets, traffic avenues, squares, park and pedestrian areas, yards


  • Modern design
  • Maintenance convenience;
  • Lighting fixture design allows changing light source position to obtain the required light distribution.
  • High level of optical block protection ensures preset lighting characteristics during the whole period of operation


  • Lighting fixture body is pressure die cast of silumin and represents lighting fixture bearing structure;
  • Reflector is manufactured of rolled aluminium stock by deep drawing with further electrochemical polishing and anodizing;
  • Single-piece optical block is represented by an independent integrated element;
  • Silicate thermal-resistant, shock-resistant glass
  • Lamp holder manufactured of thermal-resistant plastic with a silicon seal ensures tightness of the optical block to the level of IP 65.
  • Lamp is replaced from the side of starting and control compartment
  • Design of connection between the upper and lower components of the cast body ensures easy access to the hardware part.