Series 50

For lighting of streets, traffic avenues, squares, park areas, yards, railway platforms.


  • Convenient for minimizing operating costs;
  • Possibility to change lighting fixture position to ensure the required light distribution (along the axis, side, etc.);
  • High level of optical block protection and used materials allow preserving initial levels of lighting during a long period of lighting fixture operation.  


  • Lighting fixture reflector is manufactured of aluminium rolled stock with further electrochemical polishing and anodizing;
  • Silicate thermal-resistant, shock-resistant glass
  • Lighting fixture underframe, which also serves as the electrical mounting panel, is manufactured of rolled steel with further powder enamel coating.    Lamp holder manufactured of thermal-resistant plastic with a silicon seal ensures tightness of the optical block to the level of IP 65. Lamp is replaced from the side of starting and control compartment;   
  • Permanent connection of the protective glass and reflector, as well as of coupled components of the lamp holder is sealed using a silicone sealant and a gasket;  
  • Lighting fixture cover, which protects starting and control device elements from direct atmospheric impact, is made of glass fiber filled polyamide.