Sports mast of one-way lighting with mobile crown “Sail” system

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    Lighting of sports facilities.

    A one-way lighting mast with a moving frame “Sail” system moves along a monorail fixed on the support shaft.

    Supports are made of sheet steel by bending with one, two or three longitudinal welds, protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing (ISO 1461). This type of coating is not decorative and is of a purely functional nature. corrosion resistance guarantee – at least 25 years. At the request of the customer, paint and varnish coating is possible.

    It is possible to customize any standard size for use in the I-VII wind region.
    The construction of the mast is calculated individually for each object.

    For a complete range of products and complete technical data, please contact the commercial departments of the AMIRA group of companies.


    Application Height Carrying capacity Number of floodlights
     sports facilities 20 – 40m 450 – 1500kg (taking into account the weight of the movable part of the moving frame) up to 24 pcs.*

    *at the request of the Customer, an individual design with a large number of floodlights and other heights can be developed