Octagonal conical hinged poles (ОGКS)

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    Lighting of traffic avenues and motor road junctions, large open spaces and areas with limited access to lighting installation.
    Only standard solutions for the use of poles are described in this section.

    OGKS pole is a complicated technical item.
    OGKS poles have both standard versions designed for standard operating conditions and individual versions which take into account special climatic conditions and order requirements.

    Poles are manufactured of steel sheets by bending with one longitudinal weld, they are protected from corrosion by hot galvanizing (ISO 1461). This type of coating is not decorative, but only functional.

    Corrosion resistance warranty is at least 25 years.  

    Poles are very convenient in operation, they can be maintained without any lifting mechanisms. It is particularly important in places where access of maintenance vehicles is problematic. Weight of the pole balance-beam is calculated based on the weight of lighting fixtures. It provides convenience and simplicity of pole folding process, which can be maintained by one electrical installer without retaining lifting mechanisms and special machinery.  All the fasteners are galvanized. Coating: hot galvanizing.

    Under a special order it is possible to manufacture any standard sizes to be used in wind region I-VII. For each project support design is individually calculated. Complete nomenclature of serial products and complete technical data are provided in the Technical Catalog.


    ModelFolding typeHeight, H, mWeight, kgTop diameter, D, mmBottom diameter, D, mmFlange diameter, A, mmHole center-to-center, B, mm
    OGKS-3hand winch3m42kg60mm136mm295mm200mm
    OGKS-4hand winch4m47kg60mm136mm295mm200mm
    OGKS-5hand winch5m57.4kg60mm136mm295mm200mm
    OGKS-6hand winch6m65kg60mm136mm295mm200mm
    OGKS-7hand winch7m94.3kg68mm166mm295mm200mm
    OGKS-8hand winch8m157kg68mm166mm395mm300mm
    OGKS-9hand winch9m164.7kg68mm166mm395mm300mm
    OGKS-10hand winch10m192kg68mm166mm395mm300mm

    ! The plant reserves the right to make design changes that do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product

    !! The weight of the product shown in the table is calculated. Deviation of the actual weight from the calculated one is allowed