Decorative carved lighting pole

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    Illumination of pedestrian zones, territories of shopping centers, parks, territories of microdistricts and cottage villages.

    Metal rolling of square and round section is made. The body of the support is illuminated from the inside.

    The body of the support and the lamp is protected from corrosion by hot dip galvanizing (ISO 1461) with subsequent coating with powder enamel. Corrosion resistance warranty of at least 25 years.


    NomenclatureHeight, mSection of the profile, mmPole's flange size, mmCenter-to-center distance of holes, mmWeight, kilo
    KODS-4P4120 х 80 х 425016048.3
    KODS-4K4108 х 421016045.3
    KODS-4P RGB4200 х 20030025075.5
    KODS-6P6120 х 80 х 425016067.7
    KODS-6K6133 х 426020082.4
    KODS-8P8200 х 100 х 5300210205.3