Conical circular poles (ОKK)

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    Lighting of traffic avenues, traffic junctions, bridges, squares, yards, parks, squares, parking areas, etc.

    Poles are manufactured of steel sheets by bending with one longitudinal weld, they are protected from corrosion by hot galvanizing (ISO 1461).

    This type of coating is not decorative, but only functional.
    Corrosion resistance warranty is at least 25 years.  All the fasteners are galvanized.
    Coating: hot galvanizing.

    Under a special order it is possible to manufacture any standard sizes to be used in wind region I-VII. For each project support design is individually calculated.  Complete nomenclature of serial products and complete technical data are provided in the Technical Catalog.


    ModelHeight, H, mWeight, kgTop diameter, d, mmBottom diameter, D, mmFlange diameter, A, mmHole center-to-center, B, mm
    OKK-33m26 kg60mm92mm240mm160mm
    OKK-44m35 kg60mm103mm240mm160mm
    OKK-55m46 kg60mm114mm300mm200mm
    OKK-55m58 kg76mm141mm300mm200mm
    OKK-55m94 kg128mm193mm450mm320mm
    OKK-66m58 kg60mm125mm300mm200mm
    OKK-66m79 kg76mm154mm370mm240mm
    OKK-66m113 kg128mm206mm450mm320mm
    OKK-77m76 kg60mm136mm370mm240mm
    OKK-77m94 kg76mm167mm370mm240mm
    OKK-77m134 kg128mm219mm450mm320mm
    OKK-88m92 kg60mm146mm370mm240mm
    OKK-88m116 kg76mm180mm450mm320mm
    OKK-88m157 kg128mm232mm470mm340mm
    OKK-99m107 kg60mm157mm370mm240mm
    OKK-99m134 kg76mm193mm450mm320mm
    OKK-99m180 kg128mm245mm470mm340mm
    OKK-1010m122 kg60mm168mm370mm240mm
    OKK-1010m153 kg76mm206mm450mm320mm
    OKK-1010m204 kg128mm258mm470mm340mm
    OKK-1111m145 kg60mm179mm450mm320mm
    OKK-1111m174 kg76mm219mm450mm320mm
    OKK-1212m162 kg60mm188mm450mm320mm
    OKK-1212m196 kg76mm230mm470mm340mm

    ! The plant reserves the right to make design changes that do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product

    !! The weight of the product shown in the table is calculated. Deviation of the actual weight from the calculated one is allowed