Lighting complexes (KO)

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    Decorative street lighting of parks, public gardens, boulevards, alleys, squares, embankments, pedestrian areas, etc.


    Poles and brackets are made of rolled tubing. In the bottom of the pole there is a closed roof compartment (access hole) for installation of automatic switches and terminal blocks.

    Coating: hot galvanizing (ISO 1461), lacquer coating.


    Opportunity to manufacture poles according to individual parameters. Lighting complexes are manufactured for installation of any floor lamp thereon.

    Any decorative bracket can be installed on КО-1-1-… lighting.


    ModelHeight, H, mWeight*, m, kgTop diameter, d, mmBottom diameter, D, mmFlange diameter, A, mmHole center-to-center, B, mmUnderground part, L, mNumber of lighting fixtures, psc
    KO-1-1-3,0 (L)3m28-36 kg76mm108mm250mm160mm1.2m1
    KO-1-1-3,5 (L)3.5m32-39 kg76mm108mm250mm160mm1.2m2
    KO-1-1-4,0 (L)4m34-41 kg76mm108mm250mm160mm1.2m2
    KO-2-2-3,5 (L)3.5m42-49 kg76mm133mm250mm160mm1.2m2
    KO-2-2-4,0 (L)4m45-53 kg76mm133mm250mm160mm1.2m2
    KO-2-2-4,5 (L)4.5m50-58 kg76mm133mm250mm160mm1.2m2
    KO-3-3-3,5 (L)3.5m42-49 kg76mm108mm250mm160mm1.2m4

    ! The plant reserves the right to make design changes that do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product

    !! The weight of the product shown in the table is calculated. Deviation of the actual weight from the calculated one is allowed