Peterhof lighting Complex

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    The Peterhof lighting complex is designed to illuminate streets, parks, squares, squares, embankments, shopping malls, boulevards, alleys, cottage settlements, etc.


    Model:  The Peterhof

    Versions: type 1 (made of SCH20 cast iron), type 2 (made of round-section rolled pipes and cast-iron elements), type 3 (based on a round-conical support of the OKK series or rolled pipes with cast-iron elements)

    Height: from 4.85 meters

    Base height: 1500 – 1220 mm

    Material: cast iron SCH20, rolled pipe, OKK support

    LED lamp power: 50 / 75W

    Luminous flux: 90 – 21280 lm

    Color temperature: 3000 – 5000 K

    Light efficiency: 121 – 143 lm/W

    Operating temperature: -45°C… 40°C

    All types of products are protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing (ISO 1461). Decorative paintwork according to the RAL table.